Smart Home



• Water valve control

• Natural gas switch-off

• Alarm system

• TV control

• Curtain control

• Combi boiler control

• Air conditioner control

• Gas and smoke detector

• Lighting control

• Power outlet switch-on and off

• Electric switchgear control


Car Park

Your Parking Spot is Ready

You do not need to look for parking spot for your car. Your car is safe in the indoor car park.



Your home is always secure at Nest Dragos. You will feel safe thanks to the security guards and hazard notification and remote security system.

Green building



All products to be used indoors and outdoors will be energy-saving products.

Recycling separation units will be placed on each floor.

Electricity charging stations will be installed in the car park to support the use of environmentally-sensitive cars.

Rainwaters will be collected in a dedicated area on the land and will be recycled for garden irrigation purposes.



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